PM Skill Workbook

Stephanie Leue
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A powerful tool for identifying your strength and areas for improvement for all PMs who are eager to strengthen their strength and take control of they career.


Product Managers frequently work in organizations that lack a structured way to getting feedback. I originally created this Skill Evaluation for my own product teams and refined it over the last month. Meanwhile, this wheel is a key component of my coaching sessions with aspiring product leaders. This tool assists us in identifying their strengths and future goals, as well as developing a strategy for being the Product Manager that my clients desire.


This workbook consists of three parts.

  • The Self-Evaluation. By answering 12 questions and creating a spider web chart based on your answers you will be able to reflect on your strength and challenges.

  • The External Evaluation. By asking your boss or a co-worker to answer the same set of questions you will be able to create a second spider web chart and compare the results from the self evaluation and the external evaluation and draw conclusions-

  • The Future Self. Using the same methodology you will be able to come up with a plan on which skills you want to strengthen.

You will also get a template for the spider web chart (the wheel), as well as explanations for the 4 categories and 12 questions used for the evaluation.

This handbook is a condensed version of my experience as a product leader for high performing teams as well as from my coaching sessions with product leaders. I have learned a lot about product over the course of 12 years in product and product leadership.


1. you want to take control of your career.

2. struggle to identify your strength and areas for development.

3. want to actively ask for feedback.

4. are eager to reflect, learn and grow.


It is not a magic solution. This tool serves as a starting point for me. The questionnaire does not cover all areas and skills required for a PM, as these vary by company. Nonetheless, you may use it, adapt it, develop it, and simply make it your own. I urge that you use it as inspiration and come to your own conclusions.


If you would like to contribute to the many hours that went into its production over the last years, simply set the price to whatever amount you would want to contribute, and please know that I sincerely appreciate it.

Thanks for your interest!


PS - As a bonus you'll also get access to my Product Leadership Newsletter.

PPS: Ping me if you prefer a PDF version of the Playbook.

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PM Skill Workbook

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