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Stephanie Leue
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A Product for aspiring Product Leader who want to advance their career.

Would you like to:

  • Step up into Product Leadership?

  • Get a deep understanding of skills needed?

  • Develop a plan how to boost your career??

Crossing the chasm from Product Management to Product Leadership is hard. It not only requires experience but also a completely different set of skills. Gaining a better understanding of where you are today helps you to also outline where you want to be tomorrow.

If you want to take control of your career rather than waiting for the next promotion, this product is for you. Get back in the driver's seat and begin establishing goals for yourself.

What you get:

1) Take the Tests

The PM-Skill Test assists you in determining your strengths and areas for improvement. You will answer 12 questions in 4 different areas.

2) Get your individual evaluation.

I will examine and assess your test and provide you with a customized report with areas for development and future steps. Your report includes spiderweb diagrams and explanations.

You will learn

  • whether you are a Product Builder or a Product Architect

  • whether you are a Product Leader or a Product Manager.

  • how your profile compares to others.

The analysis helps you to reflect on your status quo and develop a plan on how to develop your strength.

3) Take appropriate action.

After you finished the test and processed your results, you will receive tasks and questions in a series of three eMails to reflect on your results and take the next steps.

About your Coach.

My name is Stephanie. For over 15 years, I have designed products and led product teams in both enterprise businesses like PayPal and startups like Contentful. I have also co-founded my own business.

I became a certified integral coach in 2021. My superpower is coaching. It gives me energy and makes me happy to inspire others to step outside of their comfort zone. It also helped me become a better leader.

Feedback from Users:

Julia W., Hamburg:

"If you are a product manager / owner, and looking for guidance while figuring out the next development steps of your career, I absolutely recommend reaching out to and working with Stephanie as your Coach. I had the pleasure of doing so on two different matters, and was 100% satisfied with the how and the outcome of it.

The first one - and the reason I reached out to her in the first place - was about receiving guidance on how to figure out in which direction I want to proceed in my Product Management career: should it be leadership, or should I rather specialise in a particular field? What kind of options are actually out there? After completing her PM Skill Test, she helped me interpret the findings and weigh my options; not only was I able to identify very specific areas I was lacking some experience in and wanted to develop in further, I also have a much clearer picture now of where I see myself in the (near) future.

The second topic and even bigger personal success, however, was the preparation & sparring I received from Stephanie prior my salary negotiation. I had some bad experiences on this regard in the past, so this time I wanted to properly prepare and have an expert supporting me on this. Aside from the confidence I gained by speaking openly about this with her, she also helped me understand, what it is I could ask for, and how to do this. Especially the “put yourself in the shoes of your boss” exercise helped me a lot. And the best part of it: in the end, I was successful! I got exactly what I asked for (percentage-wise twice as much as they had originally offered me), and was even complimented by my supervisor about my well-prepared “salary pitch” ;)"

This product is not currently for sale.
  • You will receive a tailored evaluation to help you succeed in your PM career.

  • Test
  • Evaluation
    10 pages personalized to your results
  • Tips & Tricks
    3 eMails to take action
  • You will receive a tailored evaluation to help you succeed in your PM career.
  • Test 12questions
  • Evaluation10 pages personalized to your results
  • Tips & Tricks3 eMails to take action
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